My father learned canoeing as part of a lifeguard course. I was born many years later and he taught me the sport. The skill became very useful during the late 1980s. I worked at a training school for boys and girls where we did river trips often. A few of the staff and I would do weekend river trips to develop and improve our technique. It’s very hard, if at all possible to teach, and observe a group of kids who know nothing of danger and practice at the same time.

River sports were not as popular on the east coast back then and there weren’t as many people on the river as there are now.

There’s even more of a variety. Back then we had canoeing; white water or flat water and white water kayaking. Now we have paddle boarding (White water or flat water) as well.

There weren’t as many people and there weren’t as many accidents. Therefore now days it pays to have top notch equipment. As far as I am concerned a good supplier is the COLORADO KAYAK SUPPLY. Don’t let the name fool you. They supply EVERYTHING needed for river sports, kayaks and paddle boards; for white water and flat water.

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