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The Pingo card company says that this is the last card that you will ever need. Well, the international rates are very cheap: example (1.8 per hour) .89 per month maintenance fee.  But you will never have to buy any extra equipment, and you do not have to change your phone carrier. There are no hidden fees and I learned via the internet that the calling quality is pretty good. However the only way to recharge is through the Pingo website, but you can sign up for auto recharge. I found a video about Pinog cards in the Philippines. View it for more detailed information and decide for yourself.

Call Philippines for only 9.5¢ per minute.


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Hotelwiz makes finding a hotel easy.  All you have to do is go to the site and type in where you want to go and the type of room. There are other ways of searching as well. For example there’s a map for those who are more visual.


The company has sister sites where you can book flights at the best prices. It’s also possible to rent a car and even vacation properties. With Hotelwiz you can also compare prices from other top brands.


Hotelwiz was launched in 1997 and they are still building. They re-launched in 2013.Now prospective customers have access to 300,000 hotels worldwide. Hotelwiz covers over 30,000 destinations.



Healthy Lifestyle 1

This ebook is based on a diet which is biblical, but this information is for everyone, regardless of religion or denomination. There are hundreds of recipes available. You may not believe in the bible as I do, but if you believe that you need a change in your health. You may want to check this out. This ebook cuts through the confusion and noise put out there by the media. You will find out how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Man on top of mountain

Our bodies came from nature but we are filling it with unnatural substances.  This ebook explains why certain foods are not good for us. The author provides fact based on the bible.

The Holy Grail of Health




ISECardInternational Student ID Card.

ISE Card is an international ID card company for students of any age and non-students between the age of twelve (12) and twenty-six (26) years old. This is ideal for international exchange students and also educators working abroad.

There are many benefits that go with the membership. Students have access to a legal phone number which can be used from anywhere in the world. There are discounts to hotels, museums, flights restaurants and such.

The ISE Card is not the only one of its kind. There is a company called the Student Advantage Card. The company seems to be geared toward the academic aspect of the exchange student. Some of the benefits are for discounts on books, computers and such. Both cards can be used to shop for academic equipment (books, computers etc.) online at a discount as well as discount flights and such. The ISE Card covers the academic discounts as well as student life (Restaurants, museums, various places of interest and more. However, the card focuses on travel for the most part. I have provided links to both cards so that you can make your own judgment as to which card is best for you.