MailBoxForwarding (Global)

This is a new way of handling your mail from anywhere in the world. Keep in contact with your paper mail and packages. It doesn’t matter whether its delivered by USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Mailbox forwarding 1

You will be provided with a unique address. Your mail will be scanned as soon as it arrives, so that you may view it online. From that point forward, you inform the company as to what to do; shred, open the mail or package or simply ship it to you. This is a fraction of the cost of the traditional mailbox services.


MailBoxForwarding enforces high security practices.

Your home Address will be kept confidential. Mail can only be scanned with your consent. Their entire scanning area is under video surveillance. And all of MailBoxForwarding employees receive a thorough background check before being hired.

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Move to the Philippines, Stop Dreaming and Take Action


Philippine expat and girl

This is an ebook that will provide potential expats with the information needed to move to the Philippines. You will learn the good and the bad sides of living in the country; the visa requirements and more. The author enjoys writing about the Philippines, therefore he provides updates to all of his works.

Filipino kids

Mr. Rusty Ferguson provides contact numbers and an address within his ebook, should you have any questions. With this ebook he wishes to help you prevent culture shock. Mr. Ferguson provides up-to-date information as it changes. He will add you to his newsletter at no extra charge. A quote from Rusty concerning his choice to move; “Fear was a factor that caused my delays”. He believes that he can remove that fear from you by giving you the facts.


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