Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ray.

Being the youngest of a well-educated family of three children, I was the renegade. My father’s hardest job was keeping me alive. I wasn’t mischievous, but fairly well mannered, however, I had no fear. When bored I needed a touch of an adrenaline rush and my wife was the first and only to be able to contain my craving for adventure.

There appears to be something within my personality which causes people to ask about my childhood. The best description that I can come up with is a cross between the Little Rascals and the Cosby Show. My childhood was filled with laughter and I always felt secure. Both my parents came from humble beginnings to become educators. My father was a school Administrator, my mother was a teacher, my brother and sister entered the education field as well, however, I went into business ADM. This was in spite of my father’s predictions that I would end up in a classroom one way or another; needless to say, I retired from the Education division of the Dept. of Corrections. I will never forget my father’s reaction after he discovered that had joined the education division of the Dept. of Corrections. Dad was a distinguished gentleman with a voice that of Berry White who very seldom laughed out loud. This pushed him almost to hysteria.

My career with corrections led me to teach Cross-Cultural Training throughout the East Coast with a certified teacher. Some of my favorite hobbies are writing short stories and poems, White Water Kayaking, Canoeing, and Cross-Country Skiing. I play the trumpet and I’m a Martial Arts Instructor.

There were two things that were mandatory under my father’s roof. We had to learn to swim and we had to earn a college degree. I got the swimming thing down packed but it took a little prodding on my father’s part to get me through that college thing; Praise the Lord! If you are reading this post You have probably already read “My Master Key Experience” and learned about my childhood challenges with education and such. Therefore, I will not venture toward that subject in this post.

I cannot close without providing my feelings toward the Master Key Experience where one may learn the importance of the Conscious and the Subconscious mind. I have always known how important the subconscious is as well as the play between the Subby and the conscious mind. However, I never truly realized how important it is to watch what one feeds one’s Subby. After “week 3” I began to look back on my life and all of the garbage that went into my Subby. It made me cringe to no end. I then looked back at all of the inmates that I came in contact with and some of which I interviewed. All I can say is WOW! It also makes me wonder about people who are perpetrators of road rage. I thank God for the Master Key Experience.

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