Week 1 Master Key

My First week of The Master Key Experience was somewhat overwhelming at times but very interesting.

At first, the motivation of the staff was more than I was used to, however, I adapted. I’m overwhelmed by the information itself. The minor things which need to be done in order to reset ourselves.  This shows how easy it can be to become derailed from the track of your DMP (Definite Major Purpose).

The story of the statue explains a great deal. Those people had a golden statue which they did not want their enemies to steal. So they covered it with cement and made it look undesirable. The figurine remained that way until a monk started chipping away at it many years later.

My parents came to mind as I listened to the story. I had a perfect imagination as I child. This caused me to daydream in elementary school. The teacher complained to my parents and I was punished for not focusing on my work.  This led me to believe that daydreaming was a BAD thing. If you view the situation from a child’s position, in a way, I was focusing. I would gaze at the pictures in my social studies book and wonder what those people were doing at the very moment.

I eventually learned to stop daydreaming.  Strangely enough, my ability to draw and write was stifled. Other areas of creativity were muffled as well. For me; this is a symbol of the portion of the cement covering the golden potential within. Thanks to the Master Key Experience, I am now beginning to chip away at my own cement.

A Note for thought:

I was at a bank in the Philippines when I was about 40yrs. I walked out of the bank, crossed the street and turned to look at the building. It was the SAME build in one of those pictures in my third-grade social studies book.

Week 2 Master Mind Key

During week 2 I was touched by two facts explaining how many people (Including myself) just get it wrong. The first was when Mark explained how people tend to focus on the wrong fact when they decide they wish to do something such as take a vacation. For example, if the average Joe Blow wants to go to the Bahamas the first thing he will look at is his bank account. Then he makes a decision as to whether he can afford to go to the Bahamas for a week or Atlantic city for two days. This action is what blocks a great deal of potential in people. The thing to do is to observe at your desire first.

I learned the next fact through the readings and lessons. The world within and the world without. People don’t seem to realize that the world without is a reflection of the world within. I cannot count the times I’ve heard people say the clothes make the man or dress to impress. The point that I received from the lessons is that the world within is the foundation, the base, the very structure of the world without. If whatever is on the inside is not working properly, the outside will not work properly no matter how you try to dress it up.

Week 3 Master Mind Key

The Master Mind Key Course seems to intensify every week. During the webcast, I could not prevent myself from realizing how easy it is to allow junk to enter our subconscious minds. It’s rather scary. If I hadn’t been introduced to the Master Mind Key I may have lived the rest of my life wondering what was missing, why I’m not where I felt I should have been.

My Mind Twister

I learned in week one that the world without is a reflection of the world without. If you want to change the world without you must begin with the world within. Now we are learning that the Subconscious mind is affected by the conscious mind. Subconscious mind believes whatever the conscious mind say to it. I found this to be most challenging at first but one phase cleared everything up for me. “everything is linked together”.

Week 4 Master Mind Key

Another amazing week

I walked away this week with what I believe is most astonishing. Because of outside influences, worldly experiences and whatever else I’ve allowed to pollute my subby, I have no idea of who I am nor the possibilities of my achievements. At times I became confused concerning my DMP and where my guide is trying to direct me, but everything is beginning to clear up. I can see through the fog a little more. My world within has been buried under 58 years of junk and now the source of that junk has to be intercepted so that my subby can get some REAL food.

Week 5 Master Mind Key

The Conscious Mind

I just can’t get past how easy it is to persuade the conscious mind to persuade the subconscious to react on an object of desire. It simply takes concentration. My reaction to week 5 is bittersweet. I feel like “dah”, LOL.

I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I have studied the martial art since 1972. That was a time when the art was taught in it’s purest form in the U.S., people now days are fearful of teaching the old way on account of lawsuits.

I was captain of my team in college, I’ve taught and/or helped at least a thousand students and growing. Concentration is one of the main things that I taught beginners. I use it in everyday life; it’s a part of me now. I have always had this ability but never used it to reach my heart’s desires in life. I feel like the Children of Isreal who wondered 40 years in the desert to get to a place which should have only taken a year or two.

They didn’t listen to the creator the “I”.

Week 6 Master Mind Key


I normally post my blogs after the Sunday webcast; however, I was overwhelmed by the power of the week 6 overview. It took me about four days to emerge from my daze. I was able to see light after about my seventh read of the Master Key.

The topics numbed 20 and 21 of the Master Key were my wakeup calls. They explain the power of Attention, by comparing it to a magnifying glass. As a child, I was fascinated by magnifying glasses. During the summer days, I would sit and burn holes in little pieces of broken tree branches for hours at a time. I actually became skillful enough to burn my name on a few twigs. The challenge was to angle the glass so that it could transfer a sharp beam of sun ray to the object, thus initiating the burning process. Because of this, it takes what appears to be an eternity to burn one’s name. This can not be done unless the beam is focused on one spot at a time.  The key word is Focus, Topics 20 and 21 explains this very well.

Now, how does this affect me? Well, if you have read my post “All About Me” you understand that my father’s biggest job was trying to keep me alive; here’s a quote from that blog post “My father’s hardest job was keeping me alive. I wasn’t mischievous, but well mannered, however, I had no fear. When bored I needed a touch of an adrenaline rush”.       

My father used many techniques to keep me alive. One of them was to bombard me with constructive actives such as sports which I seemed to gravitate toward. My father’s intelligence was amazing. As this is being read, one may conclude that my dad was basically keeping me alive by introducing me to these activities. But NO; it was much more profound than that; LOL. My father knew that regardless of what he did, he could never completely prevent me from venturing toward danger. His sinister plan was to cause me to become addicted to more safe, positive, and constructive activities. This addiction has caused me to move my focus in life continuously from one interest to another. As sinister as this plan was, I thank God for it. Because I was able to survive long enough to join the Master Key Experience and find out that I need to chip away at the cement. This task is helping me discover, who I truly am and what I truly want in life. Topics 20 and 21 have helped me to understand a great deal of my past, my present and I am now ready to begin the construction on my future.

Praise the Lord!!!

Week 7 Master Mind Key


Week 7, the week of the mental diet. The beginning of a breakthrough of the façade which took over 50 years to build up. This is most frightening for me. The mental diet calls for the extraction of the tools that I’ve used Throughout the corridors of my life. They are the very same survival weapons I have used for protection.

There have been times when I’ve traveled through the concrete jungle of life with my mental weapons unsheathed. At times I’ve had to do whatever I could to make myself seem bigger and meaner than I actually am.  That was an amazing task, for I have discovered otherwise via the Master Key experience. I am not that person who worked within the prison system for 25 years. That person had a foul mouth when the situation called for it. He was physical and unforgiving when the situation called for it and he was many other things depending on the situation at the time. Most, if not all of the things which the mental diet demands me to abstain from are the very things which kept me safe and alive for most of my life. This may be the most difficult exercise ever. I feel like a lion who is about to be declawed and thrown back into the jungle.

I am truly uneasy about Week 7. My only motivation to follow through with this diet is based on one fact. So far, the Master key experience is on point. The guides have been assigning the exercises, I have followed through and I feel a change for the better; Cause and effect.

Week 8 Master Mind Key

Train Your Brian

Week 8 was another amazing webcast. I’m beginning to understand myself more and more. Mark blew my mind when he explained that great decisions are a result of many many small actions. I began to search within myself, as soon as this statement registered. To think that my good and bad sides are a result of years of feeding my subby tiny bits of good food and bad food. The subby must have also done some snacking on the side from the environment and society. In most cases, one may call environment and society junk food.

The subby begins to feast soon as we are born. Touch a hot stove, get burnt; now you’re scared of fire. Fall down the stairs; now you’re scared of falling. You ride your bike down a steep hill void of fear, and then your parents tell you to be careful, and then you fall and hurt yourself. As an adult, you wonder what the heck is going on inside and why. The sad thing is that most people never find out or even know enough to search for answers. I am Blessed to have found the Master Key Experience.  Praise the Lord!!

Week 9 Master Mind Key

The Law Of Growth

From what I understand thus far, the Master Key Experience is basically an exercise which assists in bringing one’s thoughts to the forefront for the sack of growth. Because I am taking part in this exercise, I find it disheartening to realize how many people there are who will never experience growth. My heart skips when I realize how I am actually working to create my own reality. I have read about such situations and pondered on the subject often. I actually believed it to be mystical or supernatural. But no; we were born with these tools and somehow lost them along the way; at least some of us have. Well, I’m striving to get mine back and I’m going to keep them this time!

Week 10 Master Mind Key

See the source image

Where There Is Life, There Is Harmony

“Where there is Life there must be harmony”. This sentence is from Phrase #18 of the week 10 Master Key. It hit me so hard until I couldn’t sleep for two and a half days. A few phases Prior to #18 explains that man causes confusion when he tries “to originate intelligence whereby the infinite can proceed to bring about a specific purpose or result” and how the laws of electricity work for our benefit, however “if we consciously or ignorantly violate the law”, disastrous things may happen. How do we find out what the violations are? Through practice and/or observation.

I realize that the law described here is the universal law, but due to my background in corrections the law of man developed in my mind. Prior to MMK the law of man was the main law that I saw from day to day and the outcome seems to be identical.

Here’s a scenario. You have a well-ordered peaceful neighborhood (harmony). One person decides to make trouble (Inharmony). The peaceful neighbors rise up against the perpetrator and his antics. Now the whole body is out of harmony because one individual decided to violate the law and the neighborhood pushed back (Chaos). In this scenario everyone violated the law. Well, we know where the perpetrator’s part in this inharmony, but how about the neighbors? Their violation was pushing back instead of calling the authorities.

Through this scenario I was able to understand why various plans in my life have not gone as planned.    where there is inharmony there is chaos. Where the law is violated comes disaster. I was taught from day one to move on my ideas; make them happen. No; all I need is an idea, stay within the law and let the universal mind do the work.


Week 11 Master Mind Key

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Natrual-law-4.jpeg

Your life is governed by law

The first page of the Master Key Week Eleven states as such: “Your life is governed by law – by actual, immutable principles that never vary.  Law is in operation at all times; in all places. Fixed laws underlie all human actions”.

I have entered many business ventures and investments, from some of which I was able earn a bit of income for a while. However, I was never able to land that deal which would develop into a decent income, and become the vehicle which would carry me to my life’s desires. This puzzled me deeply. I attended all the seminars, the webinars and the live trainings. I even had a few mentors. Not only has following the Master Key exercises assured me of my potential, I now understand what my major problem was. I was working against the law. I was an outlaw!

Week 12 Master Mind Key

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“The mind cannot comprehend an entirely new idea until a corresponding vibratory brain cell has been prepared to receive it”.


This sentence stands out and smacks me every time I read or think of it. It reminds me of one of my favorite heroes; my Father. From the time that I began to utter my first words, my father exposed me to as much positive and helpful information as possible, building an environment conducive toward experiential education.  

He was a School Administrator, which involved many functions, including  special outings, awards, and honoree dinners and such, but beforehand, there were family outings. Some of which involved dining at formal restaurants. I now realize this as one of my introductions to Etiquettes. He used this as well as other activities to prepare corresponding vibratory brain cells to grasp the new ideas to be implemented from time to time within our family unit. I was blessed to have such a thoughtful intelligent father and I praise the Lord for him. I often ponder on how people do this every minute of the day without true knowledge of what is actually taking place.

Week 13 Master Mind Key

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is RESIZEDStewardship-III-watercolor-by-Greg-Mort350dpi-1.jpg

Live the Metaphors

Now the stuff is going to hit the fan. We are going to live what we have been feeding our subbys. This reminds me of the day I graduated from college to enter the work force. Making money was fun for a while. However, the fun slowly declined after many years of paying taxes, defaulting on student loans to pay electric bills and basically robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I have a feeling that this time the opposite will be in effect. For me the Master Key Experience is an introduction to freedom. This reminds me of a movie that I saw when I was a child (A movie concerning slavery). The slave’s master told him that he was free. The man fell into a daze for a few seconds. Then he looked down the long road leading outside of the plantation. The ex-slave then looked at his master and asked “ you mean I can walk down that road and keep on walkin?”

That is just about how I feel at this very moment.  WOW!! 


Week 14 Master Mind Key

The Law of Growth governs Manifestation


The third Stanza in the introduction of week fourteens Master Key states:

“Just as the least pressure of the atmosphere causes an action on the part of the weather vane, so does the least thought entertained by the conscious mind produce within your subconscious mind action in “EXACT” proportion to the depth of feeling characterizing the thought and the insensitivity with which the thought is indulged.”

Through this stanza, I understand that the least thing which we allow to travel from our ears to our subconscious minds can make us or break us. Because I grew up in a home of individuals who minored in Psychology, it was and is not hard for me to follow the Master Key Experience exercises blindly, regardless how silly or juvenile, they may appear to be. We must be conscious of what we allow to travel past our ears and into our subconscious minds. 


Week 15 Master Mind Key


The First Form of thought


Week 15 was a breath of fresh air for me, thanks to this sentence: “The first form which thought will find is language, or words.”

During the 60s as a child, it was not uncommon for children to have an imaginary playmate or two. However, I had deep thoughts of people inside my head. These people where simple ordinary folk going through life just as I was. I confronted my parents about the people but they shunned it off as a child’s imagination running wild. My parents believed I would grow out of it. However, the mere existence of these people began to haunt me constantly during my teenage years. It was as if they were trying to burst out of my head. By my early 20s I had convinced myself that I may have been on the verge of schizophrenia. These people grew as I grew but most of them remained as teenagers and/or young adults. Consumed by the fear of being put away, I learn to suppress any thought of these individuals.

I had a dream one night in 1996. All I could remember was something about a road after waking up. This dream remained on my mind during my work hours and so I began writing as I sat at my desk. I literally wrote the dream backwards until it’s completion. The people where then on the paper in front of me and no longer in my head. However, a new group of people slowly began to occupy the previous characters’ positions in my head. After becoming acquainted with these individuals, I was able to put them down on paper as well.

Learning to bring these people out of my head and onto a few sheets of paper has provided me with a host of short stories and poems, of which I have copyrights and intend to publish.

Although during my late 30s I was able to realize that I was not on the verge of schizophrenia, however I never truly understood why this was happening until I read week 15’s Master Key. Words are the first form which thought using to manifest itself. This made everything simple to me. The people and events in my head were simply thought with a strong will to manifest.   


Week 16 Master Mind Key


The Creative Nature of Thought


Wealth depends on the creative nature of thought and success depends on spiritual power. Thought is spiritual and thinking is the great business of life. If I have a desire, all I have to do is feed a clear mental picture to my world within. There are People who view this scientific fact as mystical or supper natural.

The fact is that we were born with this spiritual power, but the world slowly but surly covered us with cement until or beautiful spiritual power was no more. Thanks to The Master Mind Key experience I am able to chisel that cement away and begin to find my true self.    



Week 17 Master Mind Key



” To become so identified with the object of your thought that you are conscious of nothing else.”

Week seventeen’s  exercises helped my realize how I do not spend enough time with myself. I felt as if I was high on some sort of drug after my first sit of this week and it lasted for quite some time.  My true amazement fell within the read. In stanza “20” I found an interesting quote, ” The mind is an engine whose power is undreamed”. An engine needs fuel and from what I understand, thought is the fuel.

There is a quote in Scroll IV, page 70 of the GS which states “But my skills, my mind, my heart and my body will stagnate, rot and die lest I put them to good use.” Considering this to be true; and I believe it to be very true. A mind (an engine) not being fed will rot and take in anything to sustain itself. This is a scary thought and it’s another one of the main reasons to watch what’s going into the subby.  Thanks to  the MMK, I am able to look back at my life before retirement and understand my previous work environment as well as understand a great deal about my officemates and supervisors. In my case, understanding is turning into the law of forgiveness.  




Week 18 Master Mind Key


The Power of Attention

Stanza # 32 in the week 18 lesson really tickles my fancy.

  “The incentive of attention is interest; the greater the interest, the greater the attention; the greater the attention, the greater the interest,”. And it goes around and around; infinity! A true formula of success. As my mom used to say: “if it was a snake, it would have bitten me”. All one has to do is pay deep attention to develop interest; plain and simple. Enough attention develops interest, the interest draws you in, and the process repeats itself. Before you know it you are a genius; so, to speak.

This explains why some students are proficient in certain areas of study, how the underdog sometimes becomes the over dog, how athletes improve themselves, and why some fail to reach their mark. What an amazing result! WOW!!    



Week 19 Master Mind Key

Vital Force


Week 19 Has helped to open my mind to observe situations from many different angles. As I follow the laws of Vital Force. This reminds me of one of my favorite sports; White Water Kayaking.
The river is a Great force, a vital force. It doesn’t stay still and is constantly changing. A kayaker’s motive is to become one with the river which has its own laws, very much like electricity, the Vital Force mentioned in week 19’s master key. As the intro explains, although we do not know what electricity truly is, we do know that if we conform to the requirements and laws which it is governed by, electricity will light our homes and run our machinery. This is like the Vital force called the river. If the kayaker stays within the requirements and laws governed by the river and understands that its shape is forever changing a moving rapidly. He’s in for a wonderful ride. Otherwise may prove disastrous.
To sum it all up, a kayaker’s ability to think keeps him in good with the river. Man’s ability to think is what brings the Universal Mind operative, and EVERYTHING advances from there.



Week 20 Master Mind Key

The Spirit of a Thing Is That Thing


It was after reading Week 20’s Master key that I realized why my parents exposed us to so many activities early in life. They needed to find out what was there. Just as it says in stanza 2, “unless you recognize it and make use of it, it will have no value”. I now realize that when people realize what is from within, they begin to grow and find their power.


Week 21 Master Mind Key

Law of Attraction

I am proof of Week 21’s Master Key. I was cleaning a shelf in an office in my home when I found a writing tablet which I bought when I was 13 years old. Within that tablet was a description of my desired home and life. My home possesses EVERYTHING that is written in that tablet. I had no knowledge of any Law of Attraction. Nor did I understand how it worked. This is living proof that we have been supplied with all the tools needed for success.


Week 22 Master Mind Key

Thought and Power


Week 22’s Master Key awakens my thoughts as far as Thought and Power are concerned. A good deal of people read about and admire the thought and power of others. They buy and use the inventions of these people, and they read about their successes.
To sit still not understanding that the world is passing you by, Unbeknown that you possess the very same ability is a scary thought to me. All that’s needed is to recognize (consciousness) what you have and make use of it. But first, one must understand that one possesses it. I guess that is one of the many reasons we are being trained.



Week 23 Master Mind Key

The Law of Compensation


Oh My God!!!
I’ve begun to view man as a spirit with a body instead of the opposite. This being true leads to a revealing fact that man can never be completely satisfied by anything nonspiritual.
For example, I enjoy cruising on rivers, bays and oceans. Therefore, I am naturally excited by boats and yachts. It’s almost natural for a man to eventually tire of the constant up keep and other responsibilities that may come with the sport. However, one may still enjoy cruising the waters by other means. That is because a yacht is an object which is nonspiritual but cruising itself is a spiritual event.
Service is spiritual as well as satisfying to some. The more you give, the more you receive (The Law of Compensation). This is an everlasting cycle which grows like the snowball rolling downhill. Stanza #3 states as such:” We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them, by being of service to them”. The stanza goes on to indicate that the man who cheats this law is doomed to fail. This realization sheds light on how a person who has everything or may seem to have everything may also be very miserable.











All About Me

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  1. The realization that concentration needs to be in all areas is powerful! I remember when it was like “duh!” to me!

    Love that you’re here!

  2. WOW indeed! What a great opportunity lies ahead.What gifts you now possess Ray to be be shared according to your own design. Your story does not say what happened to that freed salve, however one thing is for certain – his life was never going to be the same. Your life, even with your current levels of energy and skill will be even more vibrant with rich experiences of giving and receiving love. God bless you Ray.

    1. What happen to the freed slave? Well, he walked down that long road and left the plantation. However I ended the post where I did because at that time, I was in a daze similar to that of the slave. I am still in somewhat of a daze as my conscious mind slowly leads my subconscious mind to freedom.

  3. Really loved seeing your enthusiasm shine through in your week 18 blog post 🙂 it’s my virtue this week so it’s so cool to see it through in your writing 🙂

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