The inner wall


Rock Climbing brings out the true person, just as any other challenge. Being able to pull oneself beyond their abilities brings forth a since of accomplishment. The mental, the technique, and the physical come together and that’s only a portion of what a climber is made of.


Great deals of people look down from high places and think to themselves “I would sure hate to full” or “I hope I don’t full”. A great portion of rock climbers look down and say; “I did it”. “I have exceeded my abilities”. The idea of falling is not an option. A climber trains the mental as well as the physical constantly.


Avid rock climbers are always looking for the next adventure and/or challenge. These dynamic athletes are some of the most knowledgeable people that I have ever seen. There it is my pleasure to dedicate this page of my blog to the climbers of the world.




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