Dr. Mike The Philippine Guide


Dr. Mike The PIGuide


Dr. Mike has over 10 years of experience living in the Philippines. As an expat adolescent he moved around quite a bit, seeing many parts of the world which include Kuwait, South Korea, Japan, and the Arab Emirates. Mike earned his doctorate degree in Business Administration during his tenure in the Philippines. Over the years he has amassed a wealth of knowledge, which he shares with his Youtube viewers at least twice a week on his channel http://bit.ly/2mGnETs .


Just like a first round draft pick, straight out of high school, Dr. Mike, moved to the Philippines at the tender age of eighteen (18). In the prime of his life, his knowledge continued to grow year by year during his stay in the country. The Doctor is clear and truthful, pressing the fact that the Philippines is not for everyone. There is good and there is bad; ugly and beautiful. This and more is covered during his weekly sessions benefiting the first time traveler to the Philippines.


Aside from his Youtube sessions, Dr. Mike is also an author of three eBooks and paperbacks (“Mike the PI’s Quick Guide: On Why All Men should Travel More”; “Mike the PI’s Quick Guide: For First Timers to the Philippines” and “Mike the PI’s Quick Guide: For Empowering Black Men to Travel More”) which are available on Amazon. His first book “Mike the PI’s Guide on Why All Men should Travel More” is perhaps his favorite and most supportive to the first time visitor to this wonderful Archipelago ,The Philippines.


The Doctor will continue to provide for his audience as long as there is a demand. Dr. Mike takes time out of the year to vlog after returning from the country he enjoys so very much. So remember to stay tuned in, check out his channel and Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!    http://bit.ly/2mGnETs