LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINES: A Black Person’s Viewpoint

A Black Person’s Viewpoint


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Mr. Bobbie Dix is a Philippine expat from Atlanta, Georgia USA. He has a B.S. degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling. Similar to other expats from the United States, Bobbie or Bobbie “D” as he is affectionately called, worked in corporate America for a great deal of his adult life. Also per the course, he retired and moved to the Philippines where he is married and enjoying life.

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Bob who has developed a website, is producing videos to share his experiences as a Black man married to a Filipina in the Philippines. Most importantly, he  provides information for all, concerning relationships, culture, Expat information etc. In my opinion, one of his most interesting videos is entitled “3 Ways to the Heart of a Filipina”. Bobbie touches and highlights some of the simplest points that can mean a world of difference within the life of a Filipina, Filipino and/or Filipino family. I have been married to a Filipina for 21 years and within this video I myself have discovered a few small facts which I have never even considered.

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Thanks to his background in Psychology and Masters in Counseling, Bob is able to express and provide advice pertaining to real life situations in the Philippines, both good and bad as well as dangerous.

As I watch his videos, which I find among some of the top expat videos thus far, I see a ground breaking event. This may be the first time for most people, American or Filipino to witness a Black or African American Expat in the Philippines. Although his being Black may have very little effect on Filipinos in the Philippines, it does cause interesting discussion among others in the United States. However, I feel compelled to note that regardless of the uniqueness of his situation, Bob displays the ability to focus on providing information for potential expats and travelers to the Philippines as paramount.

Also Bobbie “D” has a website which also explains the very core of the Filipino way of life as seen from his eyes. He clarifies the good and the bad. With a combination of his love for the Filipino people and his background in Psychology, Bobbie is able to articulate his thoughts perfectly. Please take note that the site is still under construction.


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