My Philippine Journey

Philippine Jourmey
My Philippine Journey is from an Expat friend on mine named Mike. There are many reasons why people became Expats but the Philippines is one of the best reasons that I can think of.
Mike’s Story

I was ready for retirement and had been divorced for 2 years. I met a nice Filipina online and chatted for a year, but 8 months after moving here I realized I would have to move past that relationship. I got an apartment and started exploring the Philippines. I did some dating but never met anyone who I felt would be a good partner. After 2 years, I met another wonderful Filipina named Rowena.

I studied the Philippines for a year, spending up to 16 hours per day in Youtube, in chat forums, and messaging hundreds of expats living in the Philippines. I came here to live permanently but had never been here before. I sold my homes and everything I didn’t give away taking the risk that I would like it here and stay. It is extremely foolish to do this and I plead with people to first come here and experience this life for at least 6 months because most or many won’t like it. It is completely different here than in the states. Many can’t live without the conveniences of the states.


 So far, I’m very proud of my move. I’ve done a lot of good things for people here by sponsoring a young girl in her college thanks to my YouTube subscribers. Last Christmas 54 homes burned down in a crowded village and again, my YouTube subscribers came to the rescue and donated so we could buy diapers, milk, and soap which Rowena and I delivered on Christmas Day. A couple of days later we had enough donations from my subscribers to buy 3 truckloads of framing lumber, nails, roofing nails, beds, lights, toilets, wire, pillows, and pillow cases. Mayor Jed Mabilog and local business owners donated a lot too including stacks of plywood, tin, and other necessities.

Having Rowena at my side has really made this Journey a wonderful experience. My subscribers, about 8,100 of them and counting, have become my second family. Please visit my YouTube channel and travel along with me at “My Philippine Journey“.

I would like to note that to date March 2016 Mike has  8660 subscribers now and almost 3 million views on YouTube.