For those of you who are looking for a less expensive family vacation, camping is a great activity.


There was a time when the family would sit around to watch the radio as they listened closely to shows like “The Shadow” or “The Whistler”. And gone are the days when the entire family would sit in the den watching TV episodes such as “Saturday Night at the Movies” or “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

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At one point in life, the Radio and Television brought the family together as a unit.  Then at another point in life, these very same contraptions began to slowly help to pull the family apart. First, it started with a Radio in every bedroom. Then, there was a TV in every bedroom. And now, to add to injury, we have a computer in just about every bedroom. In my opinion, because of these devices along with the fast moving everyday activities of life, as well as other deceptions the family is losing. Typical lifestyles of today allow very little time for small talk. Therefore communication breaks down. Communication is the very glue that holds a family together.

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A family camping expedition can become a small remedy to building communication. First of all, we came from nature. Therefore we go through a change when placed back into nature. Secondly, when you and your family are forced to sleep in the same tent or cabin, you will begin to become a unit again. You will have to make decisions as to which activities the family will take part in and when. The family will learn to plan and work together.

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Working together also means learning together.

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Playing together means staying together.

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I love families, and that’s why I am enjoying the task of putting this page together. I will slowly add ideas and information on family camping. The URLs and links will lead to accessories and such; All of this to assist you in developing creative and healthy family excursions.


There is a very useful family camping manual called “The Complete Family Camping Guide”. I believe this to be a good place to start developing ideas. Within the guide, you will find out about different types of camping, places to camp, You will even learn about camping equipment and more.

Have fun rebuilding your family structure.