It is August 7th 2023 and I’m being interviewed by John Couple at a youth motivational Seminar at the war memorial building in Goblin New York.


John Couple announces: Today we are speaking with Mr. Ray Hodges concerning what he calls a major breakthrough in his life. Because of our limited time slot, we will ask Ray to take us through the key steps of is conquest.

John Couple: Mr. Hodges tell us about your life now, after your breakthrough.


Ray: Well John,

every day is an adventure!! I made $6,000 on the week of March 5, 2020 with my first cryptocurrency rig, which was purchased on January 4th 2020.  My financial team (Tax advisor, financial advisor, accountant etc.)  was setup and ready to operate by May 5th.

On July 25th 2020 I was able to inform My wife to begin filing her paperwork for retirement. I remember that day very well, it was a stormy summer day, and she cried with joy.

My next step was to sit down with my financial team to arrange and complete the setup of my S corporation (Foresight Inc.).

John Couple: Ray, for the benefit of the youth here today, please explain why it was so important to set up a corporation?

Ray: Oh yes, sure.

This will protect me on many levels; First: with an S corp. I’ll be able to pay taxes proportionate to the size of my income as well as the charitable services which I provide through the corp.

We also devised a daily and annual financial schedule.

John Couple: Please continue! This is where your breakthrough truly becomes interesting.



Ray: Well… thanks to proceeds from my first crypto rig and crypto currency trading, I was able to purchase another rig during the first of August. I am now earning $15,000 a week between my two rigs and trading cryptocurrencies 1.2 hours (give or take a few hours) per week.

On September 7th, I set down with the Pastor and the president of the finance committee for The St Mary street United Methodist Church (UMC) in South NJ to inform them that in addition to working with the food pantry, I wished to make an endowment of $20,000 under the name of Foresight Inc. to the church under, certain terms and conditions. They are to be certain that neither my name nor my wife’s name be revealed behind this endowment nor any other donation over $1000.00.

John Couple: Really??? How did they feel about that?

Ray: They protested aggressively until my reasoning was explained.


John: Oh; What was your explanation?


Well…beside the fact that I’d like to live behind a modest façade as long as humanly possible, I have many friends as well as a huge family. One of them may be in need one day. And I thought to myself; what if this were to happen during a time when I’m in the same position on a much higher level?” It seems very hard for the average everyday person to understand that successful people have challenges as well. Also, one must take precautions not to be noticed by those who are on the opposite side of the law.

John: Please continue!

On October 15th I had a meeting with the Extended Hands soup kitchen as well and informed them that in addition to my volunteer work I wished to make an endowment of $20,000 by November 1st. This was based on the same terms and conditions as I presented to the St Mary Street UMC. Next I became a lifetime member of the Delaware State University Alumni association under the name of Foresight Inc., and began working with the recruiting committee.

John: I understand that you have a beautiful vacation home in the sunny country of the Philippines. Please tell us about that.


Ray: Oh yes John! This is another of my favorite. I love discussing this subject!

December 1st, 2022 was another one of the many happiest days of my life!!! That was when I finally made face to face contact with a realtor in Tagaytay Philippines whom I’ve been conversing with for about five years. Together we walked through a number of homes and neighborhoods. I found my vacation home after about the 10th walkthrough. It’s a Two story six-bedroom 6-bath home, with 310 sq. meters living space, on a 300 sq. meter lot. The neighborhood overlooks Manila and a few other cities and towns below. The landscape is breathtaking at night!! I stood on the balcony of my, soon to be master bedroom with a tear in my left eye. We closed the deal on December 29th 2022.


John: Ray please tell us about your hobbies including your very favorite one!

Ray: Well I enjoy mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, and hiking.

John: What about your favorite hobby??


Ray: OH YEAH!! LOL, how could I have forgotten that!


Once a year I frequent places of business, such as restaurants, shopping centers in search of a person who seems to be working hard but looking for a better life. This is one of the easiest tasks of this hobby, considering the amount of the soup kitchens that I volunteer for.

I learn as much as I can about this person void of breaking any stalking laws.


John: such as?

Ray: economic situation, whether they are in school or not? Single parent? Do they wish to make their live better not knowing where to begin etc. The process sometimes takes about six months or more.

John: how is this done without breaking any stalking laws?

Ray: I use professional people, Private investigators and such. I also sit down with people such as any clergy, teachers, and/or counselors of the subjects and inform them of my plans.


John: tell us what happens after you find your subject

Ray: well…that depends on what they need

I have run into people how only needed a scholarship. That’s only a matter of connecting the correct the dots; or people. That’s my favorite. I have a lot of fun with that one. LOL

John: Why? Is it easier?

Ray: Yes, it is much easier but that isn’t the reason. In this situation I never have to make contact in anyway. This is when I turn into what I call an elf; LOL.

John: an elf???

Ray: Oh yeah!!

The subject receives the scholarship enrolls in school and finds out that they have a little pocket money to start off their first semester, and their books will be paid for as long as they maintain at least a “C” average or better. They will also earn a little money at the end of each semester that ends with a “B” average or more. The subject has no idea as to where the assistance is coming from or who’s corresponding with them. This is the most rewarding ever!!


John: Ok Ray, I believe we all realize how much you love helping others, but before we close, I would like you to tell the audience about the one hobby that you blew my mind with.

Ray: which one was that???

John: Mr. Hodges!! Come on!!


Ray: Oh yeah!! LOL I honestly forgot! LOL


Well, I Purchased a Sea Ray 350 on April 23rd, 2023 it’s 34’ and considered to be a small yacht.

John: A Yacht indeed!! LOL. It has a kitchen, a bed and a 55” flat screen TV. I didn’t know whether to fish or watch the game! LOL


Ray: I generally go Fishing and cruising with friends and family aboard, twice a week or more during the summer seasons.

John: Well Mr. Hodges, we thank you. I’m sure that between you and all of my other guests, these youngsters have learned a great deal about charity and humanity.

John: “Good Night everyone!!”