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Diabetes is a disease which I am no stranger to. My first introduction was as a child observing my father’s continuous visits to the family doctor. From that point on life changed for my father. He could no longer use sugar; dad had to use an artificial sweetener called saccharin. I tasted the stuff and couldn’t understand how anyone could mix it into a drink and enjoy it.


Many years later, dad’s treatment was elevated to the use of pills, which had to be taken each morning. I vaguely remember him taking pills at noon as well, at some point in his life. As he got older my father had started taking insulin shots to his stomach each morning. It pains me even now as I remember dad doing this, but I understood that it had to be done to keep him alive.


My father is dead and gone to Glory now, therefore the following information cannot help him. But perhaps you or someone you love is dealing with diabetes. If that is the case, you may find the following information interesting.



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