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Consulting & Management Services for Philippine Expats

CAMS Group Consulting & Management Services, Inc.


In my opinion this is one of the most important companies in the Philippines for expats. CAMS Group Consulting and Management Services, Inc. is accredited; Licensed by the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines. The company assists with all aspects of the visa application process. One of their many commitments is to help their clients obtain the correct visa(s) as soon as possible.


The CAMS Group Mission Statement:

Provide a high quality, flexible service to organizations and individuals wishing to establish a presence in the Philippines, a service which will take the burden away from its clients and make coming to the Philippines a pleasant experience.


Their services include coordination with labor lawyers, visa consultants, the Dept. of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as well as the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines and more.


The CAMS Group provides many visa services. Because it is not possible to display them all in this post, I will provide six examples.

  • Collection of all necessary requirements for e.g. the Alien Employment Permit (AEP) and the 9g Pre-arranged Employment Visa application.
  • Transmittal of documents.
  • Prepare drafts and complete applicable application forms, affidavits and letters for the Client.
  • Submission of needed documents to DOLE and Bureau of Immigration for processing.
  • Assist and accompany the Client to the Bureau of Immigration for interview(s) and other related activities. Including coaching and finding legal solutions to resolve any visa application issues.
  • Make necessary follow-ups with Government organizations for punctual release of visa(s) and AEP(s).


The following are examples of visas available in the Philippines

  • 47 (a)(2) Special Non-Immigrant visa
  • Tourist Visa Extension / Temporary visa
  • Working Visa (9G visa) & Alien Employment Permit (AEP) work permit
  • Long-Stay Visitor Visa Extensions (LSVVE)
  • Immigrant Quota Visa
  • Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV)
  • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)


They provide a Professional Visa Application Service. CAMS GROUP also provides a full TRANSPARENT, All Inclusive fee structure for their services.




The CAMS Group is a business advisory and consultancy group as well. They specialize in advising foreign organizations and individuals, wishing to establish a temporary or permanent presence in the Philippines.



This entity was established by a group of foreign and local executives. These individuals became familiar with the issues that organizations and individuals encounter while trying to establish a presence in the Philippines. The following are an example of such typical issues.

  • Dealing with the administrative burden of registering a new legal entity.
  • Obtaining various required licenses
  • Obtaining the correct visas
  • Finding appropriate private and/or corporate accommodations/premises
  • Dealing with accounting related issues such as, tax and tax filing, bookkeeping, tax incentives/benefits, etc.


Apart from all of the CAMS GROUP Services, I find the following MOST AMAZING!

  • Obtaining temporary or permanent accommodations
  • Organizing/coordinating relocations/moves
  • Assistance with internal design and furniture selection
  • Assistance with school selection
  • Assistance with obtaining membership fpr private clubs
  • Assistance with domestic helper, driver, security, etc. selection
  • Translation services
  • Travel Services (Airfare, Tour Packages, Hotel Accommodation, etc.
  • Outbound Visa Processing Assistance (Philippines to other countries)


The following is quoted from the CAMS Group Consulting and Management Services, Inc.

Our client base ranges from small startup companies to large multi-national organizations. Most of our clients are active within the financial sector (banks, insurance companies) as well as within the BPO, trading and the manufacturing sector. You will appreciate that due to confidentiality agreements with our clients we will not be able to disclose individual information re our specific clients-nor would we disclose any information re your organization without your specific written permission to any third party should you obtain any services from us. However, our credentials are known and you will be able to obtain any formal information re our official accreditation from the Bureau of Immigration.


Please provide us with your specific requirements and we will be able to provide you with further details.

Should you require any further information re our Visa Application Services or any of our other services including a free initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on, Tel (+632)  917 0267 or (+639) 176 288 157. Also, Lea Y. Sanchez e-mail lea.yebes@cams-group.com





I am persistent about learning the plight of the expat and how they survive economically. It is remarkable how easy it becomes as time moves on. An expat turned me onto a company called My24 Hour Income.


My24 Hour Income is an advertisement company that shares its revenue with its members. And they actually have 100% commissions, under certain situations. The company explains upfront how this is possible. You will be paid to view advertisements. Also, you will be able to advertise your own company or companies.


Drew Burton is the owner and number one in his field. He literally takes every member who wants to learn by the hand and teaches them thoroughly. Drew also teaches how to market any business online. This is done by way of a daily training, normally no longer than five minutes. At the end of 30 days you will understand how to market almost any company online with confidence.



But what impresses me most, is the fact that he gives you the option of being a free member or a paid one. Both are treated the same education wise. In my opinion, this knowledge is the best when it comes to building an income. The following links will lead you to information on a system that can change your life.

The first link is a youtube review of “My24 Hour Income”. The second link will take you to the company for more information.



My24 Hour Income review


My24 Hour Income


Successful Expat Tool

Successful expat

My biggest fascination with successful expats is the creative ways in which they earn their income. Expats do this while residing in foreign countries, including those that are considered 3rd world. Timothy Ferriss is the author of a book entitled “The 4-Hour Work Week”. On one of the pages Ferriss explains how he traveled the world and lived like a king. Timothy really caught my attention when he explained how this lifestyle of his cost as about as much as rent in the United States.  How is this possible? Is this possible? There are successful expats who verify that Ferriss is telling the truth.


I try to pick the brains of these expats. They almost always provide me with some sort of platform of a company that helps people earn via the internet. The least amount of money required by a company to teach you how to earn money online, the stronger that company usually is. This seemed strange to me until I saw the light. It’s very simple. They lower the price as much as they can without shooting themselves in the foot; the cheaper the price, the higher the number of customers. The more successful students that they develop, causes people to talk, and that formula seem never to fail.


An expat introduced me to a system that truly impressed me. it’s  called the “Web Wealth System.


“Web Wealth System” allows others to plug directly into a proven system where all of the heavy lifting is already done for them.  They get handed sales pages/videos, email swipes, banners and anything that they need to be successful.

As always, I provide information which is passed down to me as well as a link leading to more information. For more information fell free to click the link http://nanacast.com/vp/10002619/781468/




Exclusively For Expats

Retired Expats I have been following expats via the internet for over twenty years. There are a handful of these amazing people whom I have the pleasure of conversing with from time to time. I’ve met many expats who have very similar stories. There are a great deal of my friends who have worked in the corporate world, retired, sold everything they owned, moved to a country foreign to their own, and are living out their fantasies. Retired expats also Some of my Expat friends were on vacation in a foreign country, mailed a letter of resignation to their company back home and remained where they were vacationing.  These expats are among the successful ones. They planned before taking action. Unsuccessful expat Consider this; as you are reading my blog, there are many Americans, in foreign countries who are pan handling to survive. They simply ran out of money. How could this have happened? For the most part, people such as this, have visited a foreign country and discovered how much further the U.S. dollar can go.  At this point, they’ve probably made a  decision to stay there, or go home, sell everything and return with a no plan what so ever. These people simply ran out of money and now they’re stranded. Expat with a plan   The successful expats develop streams of income. Some have pensions; others have pensions and work on the side, through the internet, among other things. My favorite expats are those who teach people who want to become expats. They do this through the internet. All of the successful expats, whom I know, are owners of websites. All of these people have expressed the amount of work that it takes to guide internet traffic to their sites. One of my expat friends has turned me onto his method of developing high volume internet traffic with the least amount of effort.

The company is called LeadLightening. It’s like a supplemental company that helps provide leads that lead to prospects for you company (network marketing, online marketing etc. I like LeadLightening because they don’t just provide a service, they also provide education. Unlike other companies like this, they allow you to join for free. This way you understand what you are getting into and if the company is suitable for you before you decide to move forward.

I would like to provide this information for you. Just click the url below.   http://www.MyTopFunnel.com/557683

Move to the Philippines, Stop Dreaming and Take Action


Philippine expat and girl

This is an ebook that will provide potential expats with the information needed to move to the Philippines. You will learn the good and the bad sides of living in the country; the visa requirements and more. The author enjoys writing about the Philippines, therefore he provides updates to all of his works.

Filipino kids

Mr. Rusty Ferguson provides contact numbers and an address within his ebook, should you have any questions. With this ebook he wishes to help you prevent culture shock. Mr. Ferguson provides up-to-date information as it changes. He will add you to his newsletter at no extra charge. A quote from Rusty concerning his choice to move; “Fear was a factor that caused my delays”. He believes that he can remove that fear from you by giving you the facts.


Follow the url below for more information