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We truly enjoy the V-Eight styled PFD life jacket, although our original plan was to use them for kayaking. The freedom of movement is outstanding. And the life jacket allows your body to breath more due to ventilating ports. This is perfect for hot days, less heat buildup.

Ray canoe_n

One of our all day trips; twenty miles up stream, and twenty down stream. Just me and the Mrs. What a team!



Love With Food by Gluten-Free Foodie



Get your first Love With Food by Gluten-Free Foodie and Save 50% Off! Find a fun and convenient way to discover gluten-free and Celiac safe surprise snacks delivered for FREE with LoveWithFood.com.
A lot of people realize the importance of eating well, however few actually eat well. Some say that healthy foods are not as tasty. Others say that they are too expensive. Well the Love With Food Company has developed healthy snacks that are reasonably priced and tasty. But most importantly, they are gluten free.  For every box you receive, two meals are donated to food banks all across the United States.