The information provided on this page is based on my experiences combined with expat interviews. Please investigate as I did. What works for one expat may not work for another. 


There are many ways of making money while living in another country. My idea for this page is to build as I learn. In my opinion and from what I see, the life of an expat during the 21st century has never been so interesting. I began following expats about twenty years ago, after I married a Filipina. Due to my lack of experience and mistrust of the net during its early stages, it took about Nine years to actually make contact with one of these amazing people. Great deals of them have sold everything they’ve owned, and moved to the Philippines to live among native Filipinos and learn the culture, hard core.

Filipino Music Culture

Others have studied the culture, retired and moved to the Philippines with a plan. And there are many many other stories yet to be told. But they all seem to want to teach and encourage others to reach their dreams. That is why I call these people “AMAZING”. I have been so spellbound by expats to the point where, out of all the questions that I have asked, there was one which I had forgotten. “How do they survive economically?”


Ladies and Gentlemen, despite all of the turmoil going on in this world, we are still living during a “GREAT” era.  From asking one question (how do you survive in another country economically?), I have discovered a whole world that is very new to me; Remember one thing as you read on. I am a product of the 9 to 5, punch the clock era.


Because of the computer, one can live in a remote jungle in the rain forest, and work in a New York City office every morning. This person can be on time every day. This has amazed me to the point that I am now creating an information blog for people who want to work at home.


But one site which great deals of Expats whom I’ve talked to seem to gravitate toward is Called “Fort Ad Pays”. This is an advertisement company that pays every 30 minutes, just for clicking eight ads once a day. The company has even setup a service for those who are lazy. For a fee, Fort Ad Pays will click the ads for them. Hard to believe! That’s why I had to investigate. Most of the expats whom I have spoken with in regards to the company have pretty much raised the same thought. This company is a great starting point, because of the minimal cost, and the fact that you get what you put in, plus a little more. However, it takes a long time to begin to actually see progress (about six to twelve months). Therefore, only those with a clear focus of what they truly want out of life will take advantage of opportunities such as this one. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for expats to gain capital for any future financial endeavors . 

You may view the page for yourself and investigate further.