This escape Bivy is unique as a sleeping unit, the Bivy holds about 90% of your body heat and allows the moisture to escape. It’s very light and easy to carry. The bright color can act as a signal in an emergency situation. The Bivy is water proof as well as wind proof, and it’s very durable.


Black Diamond #1 Micro Stopper


Black Diamond #1 Offset Micro Stopper


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Hotelwiz makes finding a hotel easy.  All you have to do is go to the site and type in where you want to go and the type of room. There are other ways of searching as well. For example there’s a map for those who are more visual.


The company has sister sites where you can book flights at the best prices. It’s also possible to rent a car and even vacation properties. With Hotelwiz you can also compare prices from other top brands.


Hotelwiz was launched in 1997 and they are still building. They re-launched in 2013.Now prospective customers have access to 300,000 hotels worldwide. Hotelwiz covers over 30,000 destinations.



Healthy Lifestyle 1

This ebook is based on a diet which is biblical, but this information is for everyone, regardless of religion or denomination. There are hundreds of recipes available. You may not believe in the bible as I do, but if you believe that you need a change in your health. You may want to check this out. This ebook cuts through the confusion and noise put out there by the media. You will find out how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Man on top of mountain

Our bodies came from nature but we are filling it with unnatural substances.  This ebook explains why certain foods are not good for us. The author provides fact based on the bible.

The Holy Grail of Health




ISECardInternational Student ID Card.

ISE Card is an international ID card company for students of any age and non-students between the age of twelve (12) and twenty-six (26) years old. This is ideal for international exchange students and also educators working abroad.

There are many benefits that go with the membership. Students have access to a legal phone number which can be used from anywhere in the world. There are discounts to hotels, museums, flights restaurants and such.

The ISE Card is not the only one of its kind. There is a company called the Student Advantage Card. The company seems to be geared toward the academic aspect of the exchange student. Some of the benefits are for discounts on books, computers and such. Both cards can be used to shop for academic equipment (books, computers etc.) online at a discount as well as discount flights and such. The ISE Card covers the academic discounts as well as student life (Restaurants, museums, various places of interest and more. However, the card focuses on travel for the most part. I have provided links to both cards so that you can make your own judgment as to which card is best for you.


This company sells international calling cards. These cards can be used from around the world. accepts global orders. This is a plus for expats all over the world. These cards can be used from any normal phone therefore you are not confined to a computer. This is especially good for Philippine expats as the mother company (Universal Calling) operates in the country.



Crystal Kayak

One day I was reading magazines and searching the net for information concerning kayaks, canoes and just about anything dealing with the outdoors.  I stumbled upon a Crystal Kayak Company; this must be the most unique thing ever seen in the water.


The company is the #1 manufacturer and distributor of transparent kayaks. They claim the kayak provides excellent performance on the water. The hull is made with GE brand Lexan. It only weighs 45lbs and can be used as a one or two man kayak.  The Crystal Kayak Company is based in Deerfield Beach Florida; they sell at factory-direct prices, and ship outside of the USA.

Stay tuned for feedback; I’m determined to find an owner of one of these kayaks for a first hand opinion.


My father learned canoeing as part of a lifeguard course. I was born many years later and he taught me the sport. The skill became very useful during the late 1980s. I worked at a training school for boys and girls where we did river trips often. A few of the staff and I would do weekend river trips to develop and improve our technique. It’s very hard, if at all possible to teach, and observe a group of kids who know nothing of danger and practice at the same time.

River sports were not as popular on the east coast back then and there weren’t as many people on the river as there are now.

There’s even more of a variety. Back then we had canoeing; white water or flat water and white water kayaking. Now we have paddle boarding (White water or flat water) as well.

There weren’t as many people and there weren’t as many accidents. Therefore now days it pays to have top notch equipment. As far as I am concerned a good supplier is the COLORADO KAYAK SUPPLY. Don’t let the name fool you. They supply EVERYTHING needed for river sports, kayaks and paddle boards; for white water and flat water.

MOUNTAIN BIKING (AN Interesting Sport)

mountain_bike shadow (1)

The next sport that I would like adopt is mountain biking. I am not interested in the crazy trails that I see the younger fellows attacking. The intermediate trails seem just enough to sooth my interest without breaking my back.


The hardest part is going to be convincing the Mrs.. She has gotten used to watching me maneuver the white waters in my kayak; she has watched me take part in a few judo competitions and has observed my karate and Tae Kwon Do competitions, vowing never to watch them again. Also, the Mrs. had gotten wind of a mountain climbing incident that could have ended my life many years ago. Needless to say, she put a stop to my mountain climbing career. Now, my dilemma is how to break the news to her gently.
To add to the dilemma, I have put the cart before the horse, by finding an answer as to how to get started in the sport. I have discovered an Essential Bike Buying Guide. This book seems to be the perfect step by step foundation to building the knowledge needed to find the, most suitable mountain bike. It cuts through the mountain biker jargon and concepts that may be confusing to a beginner. See for yourself…click the following URL.




A big display of healthy vegetables isolated on white, including savoy cabbage, cauliflower, vine tomatoes, flow tomatoes, broccoli, green courgette, yellow courgette, jalapeno peppers, leeks, sweet potato, potato, aubergine or eggplant, garlic, red and white onions, butternut squash gourd and miniature peppers.

Diabetes is a disease which I am no stranger to. My first introduction was as a child observing my father’s continuous visits to the family doctor. From that point on life changed for my father. He could no longer use sugar; dad had to use an artificial sweetener called saccharin. I tasted the stuff and couldn’t understand how anyone could mix it into a drink and enjoy it.


Many years later, dad’s treatment was elevated to the use of pills, which had to be taken each morning. I vaguely remember him taking pills at noon as well, at some point in his life. As he got older my father had started taking insulin shots to his stomach each morning. It pains me even now as I remember dad doing this, but I understood that it had to be done to keep him alive.


My father is dead and gone to Glory now, therefore the following information cannot help him. But perhaps you or someone you love is dealing with diabetes. If that is the case, you may find the following information interesting.



This Strange 60-Second Trick Reverses Diabetes?

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Whether you or a loved one has diabetes, or even if you know someone who does – you simply must see this video before it’s taken down. They are fighting tooth and nail to make sure you never see this in your lifetime.

Click here to watch the video and discover how to reverse diabetes.

PS. I really can’t say how much more time you have to learn this trick and put it into practice for yourself before this video is removed. View the doctor’s free presentation while you still can.


We truly enjoy the V-Eight styled PFD life jacket, although our original plan was to use them for kayaking. The freedom of movement is outstanding. And the life jacket allows your body to breath more due to ventilating ports. This is perfect for hot days, less heat buildup.

Ray canoe_n

One of our all day trips; twenty miles up stream, and twenty down stream. Just me and the Mrs. What a team!