My Journey


I am a retired Instructor Counselor; Dept. of Corrections. During the summer, I teach canoeing and fishing at a day camp. However, during the winter seasons of the first few years of retirement, I’ began to sit around and get fat. It was strange how I tended to lose track of time and became forgetful. The remedy was to keep busy.

During the winter of 2015, I got a seasonal job at a department store. Figured this to be a good move since I’ve studied Business ADM in college. Retail was one of my favorite subjects, but there was one problem. After being somewhat in control of my movements throughout the prison for twenty of my twenty-five years of instructing and counseling; it became hard remembering that I was under a whole different set of rules. Immediately, I beefed up my search for an online occupation and stumbled upon the Affiliate Marketing field. After studying the subject I discovered that this is the field for me. I can help people find what they need with no pressure on either of us; EUTOPIA!!!

I truly enjoy the outdoors, adventure, travel, and family as well as health and fitness. This Blog is my connection to those activities and the people who enjoy them. I have met more people as a result of blogging than I have on the river, fishing, or hiking trails. This blog is my means of assisting, learning from, and reaching out to those people. I strongly believe that the more information one has concerning an activity, the more enjoyable it becomes. This is my way of using my God-given talents to help those whom I do not know, but to whom have so much in common.