Badladz Dive Resort and Badladz Beach Resort

Sean is the owner of Badladz Dive Resort and Badladz Beach Resort.

He visited the Philippines in ’99 on a 2-week vacation and NEVER went home. His time in the Philippines has been an exciting and successful mix of BUSINESS and ADVENTURE. If you are interested in the Philippines, just visit Sean’s blog at where he covers everything from Travel and Culture to Business and Pleasure.

Sean is always happy to talk about this curious country, so come and visit Him and his staff in Puerto Galera, that place is AWESOME!

He currently owns 2 resorts in Puerto Galera Philippines and an apartment complex. Sean and his staff would love to have you come stay with them for your next holiday.

Badladz Dive Resort and Badladz Beach Resort are the best Puerto Galera resorts.

Imagine waking up in a tropical paradise. A private beach. Pristine blue water. Soft sand. The best Mexican food in the Philippines.

Doesn’t that sound great?

It is relaxing, exciting, and adventurous.

go stay at the Puerto Galera hotels that everyone is raving about.

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