Will is a 58-year-old man from the USA, he was raised in South Central Los Angeles in a project housing called The Jordan Downs. 

Will explained how he was the typical young black man of his environment, caught up in the system and thought gangs, drugs, and violence were the way. Making money was a way of life. He was saved from death or prison as if he had a guarding angel on his back. One night Will just knew it was his last chance. 18 people were arrested, including one of his younger brothers. Will was the only one to get away.  His brother received a sentence of 5-7 years in prison. That night Will went home and prayed for the first time “EVER” and God helped him get out of that life. 2 mins later he saw an old Army commercial. Uncle Sam was pointing at him and a few weeks later Will was at basic training for the US Army where he served 12 years.

He Reenlisted for another 6 years but 2 months later Will was discharged due to hardship. He had become a single parent raising 2 small boys. It was tough on the boys with mother gone and daddy always gone too playing soldier”. Years later and after 2 divorces he became a single parent again. By a touch of fate, Will walked into a Walmart to buy some paint. The cashier tried to make him go to the end of the line, assuming he was in the wrong spot. After a bit of persuasive arguing, she waited on him.  After leaving the store, Will looked at his friend and said “SHE IS GORGEOUS!”, “I’m going to marry her,” He thought to himself. 16 years later, Will is now in the Philippines.

 When he first visited the Philippines, Will was moved by the poverty of the country. It was then that he had been touched by the Spirit of God. Will thought to himself; this is why he had been saved. To stay and help as much as possible. Make amends for all the bad stuff he had done as a kid. 

He and his wife Jocelyn decided to move to the Philippines permanently and provide aid to the people after his youngest son graduated from High School.  Will has a medical background of over 35 years as a Combat Medic, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Registered Nurse with over 10 years of Emergency Room experience. Will and Jocelyn provide aid for basic medical needs.  They do BP, temperatures, heart rate, blood, and sugar level to whomever they can reach.  Will and Jocelyn also try to maintain a stock of over-the-counter meds to provide free of charge to all who need them, and cannot afford them. They travel to a different village every 2 weeks to do basic medical needs.  Their YouTube channel is all about helping others, having fun, and living life in the Philippines.  Every now and then Will treats the kids to snacks, BBQ, buys slippers for all who need them, etc.

I have been following Jocelyn and Will for many months. EVERY video touches the heart. The world can learn a great deal from this loving couple.

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